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Spring Fling

Boost joy and bust stress by adding some spring-themed activities to your itinerary this season.


1. Plant a mini garden.


It doesn’t have to be an entire garden—any old flower pot will do. Researchers have long-established a robust link between gardening and mental health. The many benefits include reduced stress, a sense of connection with nature, serenity from the rhythmic nature of weeding and planting, and the joy of nurturing.


2. Practice kindness.

Make any day extra special with simple acts of kindness. The psychological studies are in, and good deeds do much more than simply helping others. They also help the good-deed doer by boosting their sense of joy and well-being.

3. Try something new.

Do you always drive down the same road to work or order the same meal? Have you fantasized about learning a new skill like knitting or kayaking? Neurologists have discovered that new experiences aren’t just fun. They literally boost your brain power by creating new neural pathways and strengthening neural connections. So for the sake of your brain, try something new today!